The Premium Boutique


We combine the expertise and global capability of "Big Law" firms with the dynamism and personalised service of a boutique.

Our Purpose - to deliver the right result for you

Our purpose is simple – to resolve difficult people issues wherever in the world they arise, in a way that is right for you. Ultimately, we want to make our clients’ businesses run more smoothly and ensure that their interactions with lawyers are more user-friendly and commercially-focused.

We advise on all aspects of employment law including: complex ER issues, litigation, M&A projects, partnership issues, incentives and tax and immigration. And as a part of Littler, we are able to handle client projects around the globe, offering a single point of contact if that is what you need.

What Makes us Different?

We focus on achieving your objectives in a way that fits your risk appetite and values. In our view a successful outcome is the one that works best for you.

We understand that in employee relations issues, legal risk is only one element. The psychology of the relationship with the employee and other risks such as PR, cultural and regulatory risk are often more important. 

That's why we spend time understanding your priorities so that we can give you practical, tailored recommendations, not just a range of legal options.

Our People

Meet our experienced and market-leading team of talented, creative and approachable people.

Global Employment Lawyers


As well as being rated as the UK’s leading employment law firm for businesses, we operate globally as part of Littler, the largest global employment law firm for employers. With more than 1,800 lawyers practising across 30 countries in over 100 offices, Littler serves as the single source solution provider to the global employer community.  

Being part of Littler enhances our ability to handle multi-jurisdictional employment matters and to provide clients a single point of contact across the globe.  

What’s at the top of the HR agenda for European employers? Find out in our latest report here.

Our News & Views

Members of the GQ|Littler team write regularly on a wide range of topics related to the workplace.



We compete on the quality of our advice, our service and our distinctive approach, but that doesn’t mean we follow the crowd when it comes to pricing. We offer a variety of fee options, guided by three key principles: Certainty, Value and Choice.

We are always happy to discuss alternative fee arrangements and in developing fee structures.

For an explanation of how we price an unfair/wrongful dismissal tribunal claim please click here.

We do not ordinarily act for individual clients in immigration matters, but where we do, an explanation of our prices can be found here



If you think you can add value to our team, get in touch by contacting Liz O'Brien.

GQ|Littler was set up to be different from other law firms. Our culture values a caring attitude, openness, flexibility and excellence and has enabled us to attract and retain highly talented lawyers who want to do cutting edge work in a rewarding environment.

For information about how we process recruitment data, please see our privacy notice.

Sustainability Commitment

Taking Positive Action 

We have partnered with Ecologi and The Million Tree Pledge to take positive action against climate change and aid in creating a habitable planet. We are committed to planting 1 million trees by 2035 to slow down climate change and restore biodiversity to deforested areas globally.

Find out moreEcologi

Giving Something Back

We are committed to giving something back to society and we do this in various ways:

  • We support pro bono initiatives and volunteer for the award winning ELIPS programme.
  • We collaborate with Doughty Street Chambers at the Legal Advice Centre in Bethnal Green, providing one-to-one employment law advice to clients of this longstanding pro bono advice centre located in Tower Hamlets.
  • Annually, we fundraise for the London Legal Support Trust and participate in a range of initiatives such as the Great Legal Bake, the London Legal Walk and the Pub Quiz.
  • We make regular financial donations to charities.
  • We support the development of our profession by serving on professional bodies, such as the Employment Lawyers Association.


GQ|Littler has received extensive recognition as one of the leading employment law firms in the UK.