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Webinar | Business Transactions in Europe: Moving Employees Around

Webinar | Business Transactions in Europe: Moving Employees Around

An EU Webinar Series from the Littler Workplace Policy Institute (WPI)

This webinar was the first in our new series of regular updates on European Union workplace laws and addressed what is widely regarded as one of the most important European-wide employment regulations.

The Acquired Rights Directive (ARD) dictates what happens to employees when a business activity changes owners. The most common situation in which it applies is a business sale or a business acquisition, but it can also apply to a change of lease, an internal reorganization, and (in some countries) outsourcing operations.

ARD is considered to be one of the most fundamental EU human resources laws, occasionally referred to as “TUPE” in some jurisdictions. If you are a HR professional with responsibility for employees in the EU, it is important that you have an understanding of when this law may apply and what it requires.

Our speaker covered:

  • A brief introduction to how EU employment and labour law works
  • The Acquired Rights Directive – what you need to know
  • Key principles of ARD and the practical implications when it applies
  • Consultation obligations
  • What transfers with the employees and why you should care
  • The ARD in real-life scenarios – business sales and other transactions

Recording and slides
You can access a recording and the slides of the webinar here.


Find our presentation materials here

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