Webinar: Made to Measure

Webinar: Made to Measure

How to tailor your strategy for preventing and defending employment claims in Ireland

Not all claims carry the same level of risk. Not all employers have the same tolerance for risk. 

Updating policies and procedures only gets you so far, while the financial and non-financial costs of implementing a “perfect” process can often be greater than the claim you are trying to prevent. For many employers, the risk of potential liability comes second to achieving a preferred outcome quickly.

Just as the risks vary from claim to claim, and from employer to employer, so should the strategy you adopt. To achieve the best outcomes for your business, your strategy needs to be tailored to reflect your organisation’s risk profile and culture.

In this webinar our speakers:

  • Identified the potential financial, operational and reputational risks associated with individual employment claims in Ireland
  •  Shared practical risk-based strategies for dealing with some of the trickier Irish employment issues that arise for HR and in-house counsel, including:

    - When to act decisively at the outset, and when to hold back and let matters develop

    - When to focus more on the process rather than the underlying facts

    - How to run a process that respects the conflicting rights of both the accuser and the accused

  • Explained how to calibrate your own risk profile and to use that to select the most appropriate strategy to prevent and defend employment claims in your organisation. 

Webinar recording

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As mentioned during the webinar, if you would like to receive our traffic light table on assessing employment risk in your organisation, please get in touch with Niall Pelly.


Our speakers have over 20 years’ experience of having worked in market leading practices in Ireland and the UK.

Niall Pelly, Partner and Head of Dublin Office, GQ|Littler

Dónall Breen, Associate, GQ|Littler

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