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10 Surprising (and sometimes funny) things that happened in HR in 2017

10 Surprising (and sometimes funny) things that happened in HR in 2017

By Kate Potts - 21 December 2017

As a bit of light relief, we are sharing ten HR stories from 2017 which we found interesting (to say the least!). Use the links underlined in blue for the full stories.

  • Do you recall that case in which an employee alleged that the placing of a pot plant on a desk top was discrimination because it made holding discussions with colleagues more difficult? The employment tribunal thought it was not discrimination.
  • That time the Russian air stewardess brought a claim for discrimination because the airline took her off the better paying long-haul flights and decided not to pay her a bonus because she was bigger than the airline’s ideal dress size. The court decided this was discrimination, despite the airline attempting to justify their action by explaining that the additional weight cost them too much money in fuel.
  • And last but certainly not least, did you miss the video made by Pimlico Plumbers, where they tell us how much their workforce loved being self-employed in "Publishing Gig Economy Myths".  It is probably one of the best videos we have ever seen.