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5 handy guides to trans-inclusivity in the workplace

5 handy guides to trans-inclusivity in the workplace

By Lisa Rix - 26 September 2019

This article is part of our diversity series on ‘Gender Identity in the Workplace’. To learn more about how to create inclusive policies and practices at work, click here, or to read about what the courts have said, click here.

There is a huge amount of information on Google about how employers can be more trans-inclusive, but what are the most useful sources for you to look at? We have collated the best sources of guidance for you to use right here.

  • ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service)
    ACAS, whom many of you will be familiar with, has produced a suite of trans-inclusive material, including a guide, factsheet, typology guide and commissioned research (from 2017). There is guidance on the law and the top things employers should focus on in order to be compliant. Additionally, there is valuable insight as to what “good practice” employers are doing in section 5 of the research paper as well as some case studies demonstrating good practice.
  • Stonewall - First steps to trans inclusion (2016)
    This leading LGBT charity released a suite of six guidance documents in 2016 and has since released a four-part “Inclusion Policy toolkit” (2018) in which Part 4 relates to trans inclusion policies. These are key resources for employers, however, you will need to sign up in order to access them (more exclusive than inclusive!).
  • Government Equalities Office and Inclusive Employers - The recruitment and retention of transgender staff: Guidance for employers (2015)
    Although this guidance does not cover all the issues in as much detail as others, it includes links to a range of organisations that can provide help to employers and support to transgender employees, an action plan template for employers to complete and an overview of the law with some useful examples.
  • GIRES (Gender Identity, Research and Education Society) - Gender Diversity Policy Guide for Employers: Looking after trans, non-binary and non-gender employees in the workplace (2019)
    This guidance briefly covers off the law in this area, before offering guidance on the most common questions which employers may have.
  • Human Rights Campaign Foundation - Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace: a Toolkit for Employers (2016)
    This source has a really useful checklist in section 2 when reviewing your company’s policies and procedures, as well as some draft “Gender Transition Guidelines” which might be helpful when drafting your own policies.