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ACAS delays increase employment tribunal hearings

ACAS delays increase employment tribunal hearings

The Times - 12 Feburary 2019

Lawyers claim that businesses are left with only two weeks to reach settlement due to delays by the government's independent conciliation body.

The length of time between Acas receiving a claim from an aggrieved employee and notifying an employer increased to 13 days last year, up from 11 days in 2016-17.

Employment lawyers claim that this delay has halved the one-month window that workers and companies have in which to settle disputes and makes it more likely that grievances will end up before employment tribunals, increasing the cost, stress and time taken to determine the outcome.

Raoul Parekh, a partner at the specialist employment law firm GQ Littler, said: “Losing half of the conciliation time to bureaucratic delays is hugely frustrating for businesses. If they can't reach a settlement within the timeframe, they face the uncertainty and expense of tribunal proceedings."

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