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An insight into Russian data protection and LinkedIn

An insight into Russian data protection and LinkedIn

The argument goes that the stricter the data protection law, the more it benefits society and individuals in turn are better protected from exposure.

A Russian court has recently held that LinkedIn’s collection of Russian citizens’ personal data was unlawful since it breached the pre-existing Russian data protection law. In order to comply with this law, a website must keep its database within the territory of the Russian Federation. The data from LinkedIn’s website is not stored within Russia and as a result is listed on a list of offending websites and therefore Russian citizens cannot access LinkedIn from inside Russia.

It is particularly interesting, looking at this case as an outsider, that the judgment was aimed at protecting individuals’ whose information was voluntarily disclosed on the website, but the key point here was the country in which the website was hosted.

International businesses that operate in Russia might want to reflect on where they store data and whether they should consider using local servers in future.

Don’t be offended if your Russian contact hasn’t responded to your LinkedIn request!