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Chinese company gives employees sex dolls as annual bonus

Chinese company gives employees sex dolls as annual bonus

Whilst many of our clients are spending time designing alternative remuneration structures to fit in with ever changing regulatory requirements, one Chinese company has come up with a totally alternative bonus system.

Wang Yuzhi, CEO of the unnamed tech start-up, this week gave  his single, male employees blow up sex dolls instead of their annual cash bonus. Explaining his decision, Wang said that he wanted to present his employees with something innovative and reflecting the young age of his workforce!

In addition to the sex dolls, employees were also given spicy cooking sauce, sandals, dehumidifiers and DIY Chinese fire cupping sets. Pictures of the company’s employees receiving their gifts at the annual party in Guangzhou, China have been shared widely on social media.

The “innovative” gifts were given instead of the company’s normal reward of a year-end cash bonus, which is usually one to six times the monthly salary in China.