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Egyptian TV presenters suspended for being too fat

Egyptian TV presenters suspended for being too fat

Eight TV presenters in Egypt have been suspended from work and told they can only return once they’ve slimmed to an “appropriate appearance”.

The Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) has prompted outcry by its decision to give the female presenters one month to shed weight, with one women’s rights group declaring that it “violates the constitution”.

However, the state run tv station has defended its decision and insisted it will not be reversed.

Amr Al-Shennawaii, one of ERTU’s chief managers, told Buzzfeed:

“There are standards for those who appear on television screens all around the world.

“For many years, people have mocked Egyptian presenters because of their appearance and lack of qualification, so when we are finally trying to bring reform, people are angry. That’s strange.”