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Have we made gender pay gap progress?

Have we made gender pay gap progress?

HR Magazine - Hannah Mahon - 14 May 2019 

After two years of mandatory reporting, the noticeably growing pay gaps are urging employers to implement compulsory action plans and narrative statements.

As the clock struck midnight on 4 April 2019 the deadline for the second year of gender pay gap reporting closed, with 10,428 employers publishing the difference between the pay of men and women in their organisations as it stood on the snapshot date of 5 April 2018.

Year one of the regulation last year (which applies to employers with 250 or more employees, including public sector organisations who reported by 30 March) revealed some huge pay gaps, with many firms criticised for their approach to the process itself. Around 1,000 waited until the final hours to publish and 1,500 missed the deadline altogether. Then there was the matter of dodgy data, with some mathematically-impossible numbers reported – including, at one company, a baffling 320% gap.

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