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Health and Safety: At a Glance Checklist

Health and Safety: At a Glance Checklist

We outline below the health and safety steps that employers should take when reopening their workplace and on a continuing basis as the pandemic continues to develop.

Employers should always consider their own unique circumstances, and act accordingly, but this checklist provides a typical reopening process. It should help employers to ensure that the workplace is "COVID-secure".

For further information on health and safety concerns and queries take a look at our in-depth overview which covers the employers health and safety obligations, risk assessments, workplace adjustments and health testing of employees.

Health and Safety: At a glance checklist

Review the government’s ‘Working Safely During Coronavirus’ guidance which is comprised of the 6 relevant sectorial guidance papers

Clean your workplace thoroughly prior to reopening, and make a plan for further regular cleaning

Update your a specific COVID-19 risk assessment, by identifying hazards, deciding who may be harmed, evaluating the risks, and deciding on suitable precautions

Pay particular attention to the recommendations set out in the guidance when completing your risk assessment

Consult with your workforce (or union representatives if applicable) on your risk assessment and make plans to continue to engage with your workforce as guidance develops

For larger employers (more than 50 employees) share a summary of your conclusions on your website

Implement the measures required by your risk assessment

Display confirmation in your workplace that you have made your workplace COVID-secure

Provide PPE/facemasks to your employees if they request it, or if your risk assessment concludes that you should

At all times, act with reasonable care and ensure the health, safety and welfare of your employees as far as is reasonably practicable