How the growing “body doubling” trend can help ADHD employees

How the growing “body doubling” trend can help ADHD employees

International Employment Lawyer

Body doubling, the practice of working alongside someone else to increase focus and productivity, is emerging as a popular strategy for those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) who struggle with focus and productivity.

With employers now having greater awareness of neurodivergent conditions, many organisations are actively recruiting from this pool of potential employees.

Even if an employer blocks employees body doubling remotely, workers with ADHD may well have a recognised disability that qualifies for legal protection, meaning the practice could be considered a reasonable workplace adjustment.

“But that doesn’t absolve the employee of their responsibilities to ensure confidentiality, and if there are not sufficient protections in place then the employer could be justified in refusing this,” says GQ|Littler partner Raoul Parekh.

A possible solution would be for employers to consider “in-house” body doubling that facilitates virtual working arrangements within the company to significantly decrease concerns about the potential information-sharing risks, says Parekh.

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