How to take action this Black History Month and beyond

How to take action this Black History Month and beyond

In keeping with the theme of ‘Time for Change: Action Not Words,’ this Black History Month, we share a few suggested resources and reads from the team at GQ|Littler that not only inform and educate on race relations but equip readers with tools to help make the world (and workplace) more equal and inclusive. These suggestions are for everyone who seeks to drive change during Black History Month and beyond.


Organisations such as Black Equity Organisation and Race Equality Matters provide resources and strategies to help individuals and businesses take positive action in a sustained way. This includes initiatives such as Race Equality Matters' The Big Promise, where businesses can make a public commitment to specific action to help tackle race inequality. 


The Anti-Racist Organisation
Dismantling systemic racism in the workplace
By Shereen Daniels
A straight-talking book with practical strategies to help business leaders recognise specific inequalities in their own organisation and take action to affect real change.

The Good Ally
A guided anti -racism journey from bystander to changemaker (2021)
By Nova Reid
By placing attention on the power of allyship in driving change, Nova Reid invites readers to be “courageous and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

The Power of Privilege
How can white people challenge racism
By June Sarpong
This book by June Sarpong distils factual information and offers practical guidance on actions that contribute to the solution. It addresses wide ranging topics from Black Lives Matter to the role of white allies in championing change.


One way to be an agent of change on an individual level can be to stretch your comfort zone and make a conscious effort to learn about groups which you may be less familiar with. There is a list of events that you could consider attending here, which range from online to in person, from black history tours to music concerts and Africa Fashion week.