International Projects

International Projects

By Darren Isaacs - 31 January 2018 

Our international projects team is experiencing an upsurge in M&A activity, mostly driven by large US-based companies wanting to restructure their global businesses.

To take two examples: we are currently working on an international business reorganisation involving around 25 EMEA countries, and another project involving a sale of a business in around 20 EMEA countries. Our role in both is to provide UK advice as well as to project-manage each of the other EMEA countries.

These projects come with unique challenges – from running multiple country consultations in parallel, to dealing with stroppy works councils and reconciling the sometimes inconsistent laws of the various countries – so they are far from easy. But the work is very rewarding, and as John Hannibal Smith once said (extra points for those of you who know who that is) we love it when a plan comes together.

So if you do need help on the HR side with an international project, get in touch – our global reach now extends to cover most of the world, and we have a dedicated team ready to help.