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Landmark ruling in Ireland makes injunctions harder for employees

Landmark ruling in Ireland makes injunctions harder for employees

Irish Legal News - 19 February 2021

A landmark Court of Appeal ruling earlier this week has made it harder for employees to seek an injunction against their dismissal, employment law firm GQ|Littler has said.

Niall Pelly, partner at GQ|Littler, said: “This may be one of the most important employment law decisions in Ireland in years. It will considerably rebalance the power dynamic between employees and employers during contentious dismissals."

“Injunctions can cost businesses hundreds of thousands of euros to defend, and can take months if not years, to settle. But it’s not just the cost that concerns employers. Often the issue of greater concern is the uncertainty, instability, and managerial deadlock that results – particularly when it involves member of senior management."

“This case is particularly important in making it clear that injunctions should be limited only to cases where an employee is being dismissed for misconduct, and especially so where an employee is still in their probation period.”

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