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Mistletoe and wine (and the annual Christmas party fallout)

Mistletoe and wine (and the annual Christmas party fallout)

Christmas parties are notorious for being memorable for all the wrong reasons and, from HR’s perspective, disciplinary meetings and sanctions appear to flow as freely from these occasions as the alcohol at the events themselves.

A recent survey carried out for the TUC by YouGov has confirmed what many of us who deal with the clean-up (literal or metaphorical), already knew. Apparently, of those who have a attended a work Christmas party:

  • One in 11 (9%) has thrown up.
  • One in 12 (8%) has revealed something embarrassing about themselves to a colleague.
  • More than a quarter (27%) of 18-24 year olds have had a dance off with a colleague, although sadly this figure falls to 3% of those who are over 60!

More surprisingly, a recent survey of 2,000 UK adults carried out by Ann Summers revealed that 39% of people had had sex at their work Christmas party (with such romantic settings as the car park, the storage cupboard, the office canteen and the office pool table featuring as apparently some of the most popular places for a post party hook up).

It also appears that the professions who are most likely to snog, have sex or get incredibly drunk at the Christmas party are those in the legal and HR professions (clearly not learning from the mistakes of others)!

So with Christmas parties fast approaching, watch out for the vomit under the Christmas tree, knock before you open the storage cupboard and take a deep breath (or gulp of mulled wine) before you have to welcome in the New Year with a sprinkle of disciplinaries. Ho ho ho.