Possible reintroduction of employment tribunal fees

Possible reintroduction of employment tribunal fees

16th February 2024

HR Magazine

The UK Government has proposed plans to introduce fees at employment tribunals in a move it claims will encourage claimants and employers to reach a settlement. The proposed issue fee for bringing a claim is £55, with appeals costing an additional £55. There are no plans to introduce hearing fees.

Deborah Margolis, senior associate at employment law firm GQ|Littler, said although the new plans are more reasonable, they could still deter claimants during the cost of living crisis.

She told HR magazine: “This proposal has really come out of the blue. The proposed £55 fee seems a lot more reasonable than the previous system of tribunal fees. However, £55 may be considered a substantial sum for lower-income claimants who are contending with the cost of living crisis."

“If the proposals are implemented it may filter out some low-value, low-merits or vexatious claims, though it may equally deter genuine claims.”