Redundancy payment gets wannabe impersonator

Redundancy payment gets wannabe impersonator "All Shook Up"

20th January 2023

We are always keeping our eyes peeled for amusing employment-related stories, so this month we couldn’t resist kick-starting 2023 with this news story which made us smile!

Redundancy pay could be used to fund a range of life choices, but for David Black, a former bus inspector, it was the pay-out which helped him fulfil his dream of becoming an Elvis impersonator.

Mr Black was unhappy in his role as a bus inspector, and when offered voluntary redundancy in 2021 by Arriva after 20 years of working for the company, he saw it as his golden ticket out of his role and into stardom. Mr Black noted that he has “wanted to be a performer since the age of 10” but lacked confidence in his vocal abilities. Determined not to let this crush his dreams, Mr Black used £10,000 of his redundancy package to purchase a year of singing lessons and custom-made Elvis Presley outfits.

After having to cancel many shows due to Covid-19 in 2020, Mr Black had to take a break from the spotlight and has now had many years to refine his craft. The redundancy payment has helped him continue to better his stage presence and live his rock and roll fantasy, Mr Black has said that “now I am 100 per cent living my dream”.