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Tech company faces million pound equal pay and discrimination claim

Tech company faces million pound equal pay and discrimination claim

An ex-employee has been in the press for reportedly bringing a claim for equal pay and sex discrimination against Wipro, a major technology company.

Shreya Ukil, who is said to be claiming a million pounds in compensation, claims that she was paid less than her male peers alleging that equivalent male staff were paid up to £150,000, whereas she was paid £75,000.

She is also alleged to have said that: "Women who are confident, capable and express their viewpoints are often called 'emotional', 'psychotic' or 'menopausal'".

Giving an example of the misogynistic environment which she alleges existed at the Company, Miss Ukil has said that she was not invited to an annual sales conference in Las Vegas in May 2012 but that a male colleague did attend and telephoned her from the conference:

"He told me he was having a lot of fun because the main events at the sales conference were getting drunk, visiting strip clubs and attending some meetings,"

"I honestly believed that this was the main reason that I was not asked to attend. It was a boys' outing.” Ms Ukil is reported to have said.

For its part, Wipro has said that Ms Ukil and a fellow colleague were relieved from the services of the company for failing to disclose they were in a personal relationship in breach of the Company policy requiring employees to disclose relationships that could cause a conflict of interest.  It went onto say that Wipro is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity and provides all our employees with a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment of any kind. `and that "Wipro is defending these allegations before the court."

The hearing continues.