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The Covid diaries: Day 10 - Another week, done and dusted!

The Covid diaries: Day 10 - Another week, done and dusted!

A daily fly-on-the-wall blog about running a legal business during the Covid-19 crisis.

By Darren Isaacs - 27 March 2020

Another week, done and dusted!

The UK government's new love of law-by-press-release (or tweet - seems to be the new thing) is proving tricky for all of us. We have been desperately awaiting new regulations to deal with the UK's paid furlough scheme the government is rolling out, but we still don't have any.

Businesses just don't have the luxury of waiting right now so we are in the somewhat surreal position of advising clients on the law without, well, the law. We are doing our best to put flesh on the bare bones of the government's public announcements, so clients can get on and start planning what they need to do with their businesses (and also so they can tell their staff what on earth is happening). All a little exhausting.

Our webinar yesterday on furlough was very popular. It maxed out the IT system, so the entire time I was delivering my very learned thoughts to the world, my screen kept exploding with pop-ups telling me that yet another poor person was trying to join but could not get into the event. I felt like it was the legal webinar equivalent of "your most liked picture form 2020" in Facebook terms. If only my instagram account did as well.

Have a safe and action-filled (who am I kidding?) weekend everyone.

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