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The Covid diaries: Day 26 - It's Oh So Quiet

The Covid diaries: Day 26 - It's Oh So Quiet

A daily fly-on-the-wall blog about running a legal business during the Covid-19 crisis.

By Darren Isaacs - 22 April

It's Oh So Quiet

After an absolute helter-skelter of a few weeks preparing for the government's new furlough system to go live, it finally has done.

The HMRC's furlough portal opened on Monday morning and on the first day 185,000 businesses made claims covering 1.3 million employees (with claims valued at around £1.5bn). That is a LOT of fiscal support for struggling businesses and their employees.

We had a mad rush on Monday to update our Furlough FAQs as the government rushed out version 6 (or is it now 7?) of its furlough rules. Sincerest apologies if this is now driving you insane, but welcome to the club.

The rules are fairly detailed now, though there are one or two rather key points that remain to be sorted out. So more fun ahead, but hopefully we can shortly move on to other legal matters.

For now, clients seem to be just getting on and making their claims. Which means, in turn, we are noticing a burgeoning drop in the amount of legal advice we are being asked to provide on furlough. Hurrah for small mercies.

However, our loss will surely be the accountants' gain - the rules on how to calculate the amount that can be claimed are now quite complicated - so we are very happy to be passing that particular hot potato over to our more mathematically-minded friends.

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