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The Covid diaries: Day 29 - Blue Monday

The Covid diaries: Day 29 - Blue Monday

A daily fly-on-the-wall blog about running a legal business during the Covid-19 crisis.

By Darren Isaacs - 27 April 

Was it lockdown, or was it just Monday?

Whichever it was, today has been very dull. After another lovely, sunny weekend, we were back to ho-hum weather to start the week. At one stage I even had a jumper on (though, to be fair, I do feel the cold).

I have a number of small-ish legal jobs on the go at the moment, so I have been working my way through them today. Mostly wrapping up loose ends on projects that are coming to a resolution. But a large part of today has been dealing with annual compliance reviews. Yet another reminder that although the world may be completely different to how it was six months ago, some things remain the same. We still need to do a bunch of regulatory things and look at reporting for year-end (our financial year has just finished).

I did read an interesting newspaper article on the weekend about a survey in Australia of men and their attitudes to home-working, in light of the current pandemic. Of note is that more men now seem to be saying that they would consider working from home on a regular basis, given that the transition to remote working has been easier than many imagined. This is a thought I keep coming back to. There will be many things the Covid-19 world will teach us, and this is one. If we can get more people - especially men - embracing more agile working, then that would be great. Except maybe for office landlords.

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