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The Covid diaries: Day 32 - Red Red Wine

The Covid diaries: Day 32 - Red Red Wine

A daily fly-on-the-wall blog about running a legal business during the Covid-19 crisis.

By Darren Isaacs - 30 April

Today we are holding our monthly team meeting after work, or as we call it, "Whine with Wine".

Of course, lots of businesses have lots of team meetings. We have a regular slot at 9.30am every morning to check in on everybody, another regular slot for fortnightly training, and various other things in the diary.

But this particular meeting is a bit different. It's a monthly open forum where people can have a drink and raise any issue they would like to put out there for discussion. By "issue", I mean some sort of HR or office-related matter, not some boring legal question they are pondering (they can raise that during our training session or, frankly, any other time).

So what do we chat about? Well, historically, the topics have ranged wide and far but often come down to the more mundane aspects of office life.


  • Please don't leave your teabags in the office kitchen sink
  • Please close the loo door once you are finished so the lights go off (thankfully we have not yet had to remind people to close the loo door when they are inside)
  • Can we get another photocopier?
  • Should we organise a team lunch?

All riveting stuff.

On the one hand it's an hour of delving into absolute trivia as we debate the relative merits of buying a new kettle and, if so, what type. On the other hand, it always makes me thankful - if these are the types of pressing "issues" people would like to raise in our workplace, then it basically says things are, on the whole, chugging along quite smoothly.

We are continuing these meetings even though we are all in lock-down. But the topics have now, unsurprisingly, shifted to less physical and more virtual issues: do we like Zoom or Teams more? Should we organise a remote working lunch? What are people doing about their hair? That sort of thing.

It is making a nice change from debating what system we should put in place for emptying the office dishwasher or replacing the office loo roll, for a while anyway ...

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