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The Covid diaries: Day 4 - Alone again, naturally

The Covid diaries: Day 4 - Alone again, naturally

A daily fly-on-the-wall blog about running a legal business during the Covid-19 crisis.

By Darren Isaacs  - 19 March 2020

Today was my turn to brave the pandemic and head into the office.

As mentioned in an earlier post, we are relying on one brave partner each day to get into the office "just in case". The "just in case" part really just refers to opening the front door if someone knocks on it (with gloves on, and then standing well back).

The land mail is still coming and, being the paranoid lawyer-types that we are, we can't help but to worry that if someone is not in the office it will be the one day something super urgent and very important arrives by hand (sod's law and all that). Today though I only had three pieces of correspondence turn up - a phone bill, a bank statement, and a lovely set of cufflinks from the International Bar Association (a gift as a thank you for renewing my membership). Not sure it was entirely worth risking life and limb for, but at least I will sleep better tonight.

As I sit here by myself, this has now got me thinking about one of my favourite shows, The Walking Dead - a leader in the zombie apocalypse genre before all the million other zombie apocalypse shows tried to get in on the action. If memory serves me correctly, which it rarely does, I do not think they have had a single stressed-out lawyer as one of the show's main stars. How can that possibly be? Surely, with all the other characters out chopping off zombie heads, what they really need for balance is to focus on the lone lawyer character back at the fort, head down, toiling away on his or her laptop to get that latest advice out, and wondering when the land mail will turn up. Now that would be a show worth watching.

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