The Covid Diaries: Day 4 - Travel Edition

The Covid Diaries: Day 4 - Travel Edition

Our intrepid Covid-19 blogger, Darren Isaacs, picks up his blog where he left off as he sets off for 14 days of forced quarantine to visit his family in Australia. In this limited run of Covid Diaries, Travel Edition, he will share some of his travel and quarantine experiences alongside his musings on topical HR issues our clients are facing.

Imagine (All the People)

I said I would come back to National Inclusion Week (see Day 1). So here I am.

In my earlier blog I mentioned the series Pose, which has just finished its run. You can find a link to its IMDB listing here. It is so refreshing to watch a drama that showcases the lives of people and cultures that I have had little exposure to before.

I think, for the same reason, it is why I love the Scandi-noir shows; and also why I rarely start new police shows* when the main character is a New York/Chicago/LA white, male cop, with family problems (difficult marriage or custody issues), some sort of substance abuse (usually alcohol) and a marginal appreciation of the fact that assaulting suspects is also a crime. These characters are also important, but on TV I have pretty much seen them all before. *Obviously this does not include Mare of Easttown, which I loved.

So, anyway, one thing I am enjoying whilst in Australia is the local drama. I could get many of these shows at home in London, but some are just not available due to geo-fencing limitations on streaming. It is certainly helping me pass the time during my quarantine stay.

Whilst I am on National Inclusion Week, we had an excellent internal training session the other day which was organised by our amazing trainer, Natasha. Not only does she sort out all of our internal training needs, but she is also working with clients to make sure they stay up to date with their own training requirements, be they regulatory or just best practice.

Our own session dealt with some inclusion & diversity issues that we would not normally hear about, including hairstyle discrimination against black people and the growing awareness of how menopause can affect women in the workplace. These were two issues that I knew existed, but otherwise didn’t know much about. Now I feel a bit more informed, and (in relation to hair discrimination) I am pleased to learn that our business has signed up to the Halo Code.

It turns out that the issue of workplace diversity is, in fact, a diverse one.

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