The Covid diaries: Day 46 - We can dance if we want to...

The Covid diaries: Day 46 - We can dance if we want to...

A daily fly-on-the-wall blog about running a legal business during the Covid-19 crisis.

By Ursula Bosworth - 21 May

Ursula Bosworth is our Marketing Director and we have invited her to join in creating our daily diary entries, for a different view of our Covid-19 practice.

11:30: 3 meetings down (tick tick off the list). It seems to be a very productive morning.

My oldest daughter peeks her head through the door saying ”Mummy, are you on a call? (I wear my headset). Familiar? I do have a sign on the door saying that I am on a call, but the workplace has become fluid and I engage in conversations when my family peeks in the room. Something I share with a lot of parents out there...

11:45: I get a call from my colleague and we discuss some ideas. Expanding ideas is exciting. I still like using the phone for calls…it gives me time to detox from the screen.

Marketing is all about communicating an idea, changing behaviour, inspiring, positioning. We are planting seeds. I look out of the window; my husband is sowing some seeds in our freshly dug garden. I thought it would be good for our children. He was not too keen… I think he actually hated gardening…but look now, how things have changed. He loves his beans!

I reflect…this all seems normal now. I am a marketer but also a psychologist. This phase is far from normal. Now we must imagine a future where we just don’t know what’s around the corner… but marketing has always been about dancing on a moving carpet.

4 months ago, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary. I close my eyes and see all my colleagues chatting away with clients, smiling, having fun…oh I miss the buzz of it.

12:00: I have joined our know how session. It is all complex to say the least! There is no reset button…things have changed. The team is handing over control remotely…several presenters…collaborating in our new work space. We have scheduled the next session for tomorrow morning.

15:00: I go downstairs because my Fitbit has told me that I have not moved…sound familiar? Francesca, my youngest daughter works on a Greek vase in the garden…she asks me if I want to do a yoga session. She is nearly 8 years old and she loves yoga. She is also a brilliant teacher, telling me that I should not worry if I cannot do the pose. "Adults are not as flexible" she says in the cutest voice. She looks happy that I have spent 5 minutes with her and I feel great (I have booked my next session for tomorrow!).

15:10: I work on data. I love the insights of data, the directness, the clarity, the different perspective it offers. This is a good time to focus on it and plan the future. It is exciting.

16:00: Time for our marketing WIP call. We create, produce, design, re-design, source images and we look after each other. They say separation makes the heart grow fonder.

17:08: I hear something slipped under the door to the office. It’s probably the bill from the yoga teacher!

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