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The Covid diaries: Day 1 - And so it begins

The Covid diaries: Day 1 - And so it begins

A daily fly-on-the-wall blog about running a legal business during the Covid-19 crisis.

By Darren Isaacs and Dónall Breen - 16 March 2020

The world has gone to hell in a handbasket.

A month ago we were all so happy to finally stop talking about Brexit (mostly). We had lived and breathed it for three years and frankly, we were done. On to better times. Oh how naïve we were. Now, we look back fondly and yearn for those days when all we had to worry about was the “Irish backstop” (not that anyone really understood it, anyway).

So here we are, Covid-ageddon.

Today started out as “business as normal” in the office. Well, kind of. Not really. But in any case by lunchtime we had, reluctantly (but sensibly), come to the conclusion that we should go into lockdown like every other business in London. So lockdown it is. Or, rather, working from home. We will have one senior person in the office each day, under strict hygiene instructions and surrounded by enough sanitary gel to recreate the set of “The Blob”.

As we each wipe down our entire desk areas (hygiene, again, you understand) and prepare to turn the office lights out (with a glove) we are wondering when we will next see a happy, chatty, lawyer-filled office…

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