The gig economy in Ireland

The gig economy in Ireland

Industrial Relations News - 21 April 2021

Recent high-profile rulings on the gig economy may have limited application to Ireland because of our binary categories of ‘employee’ and ‘independent contractor.’ Niall Pelly, GQ|Littler Partner & Head of Dublin Office, discusses how the ‘status quo’ approach in Ireland is not sustainable and why a third category of employment might be the solution

The recent high-profile decision of the UK Supreme Court in the Uber case, while attracting widespread press attention, is of limited legal relevance in Ireland. This is because, unlike the UK, Ireland does not have an intermediate category of “worker” that falls between the categorisation of employee on the one hand, and independent contractor on the other.

However, given the negative attention regarding the employment rights of workers in the gig economy arising from the Uber decision, is it now time to create such a category in Ireland.

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