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Dismissals in Italy can be difficult.

Many of our international clients have struggled with the perceived obsession with job protection shown by Italian courts over the years.

If this touches a raw nerve with you, then a recent decision of the Italian Supreme Court may provide some welcome relief.

The court has, for the first time, accepted that an employer was entitled to downsize its workforce following a reorganisation of duties amongst its staff, even where the aim of doing this was to increase profitability (rather than to save the business from financial difficulties). In the past, a line of court decisions effectively decided that an employer could only downsize its workforce to save a struggling business, which was always difficult to prove.

The decision has been welcomed by many legal commentators as showing a more liberal approach to commercial needs in Italian businesses.

If you have operations in Italy and need assistance with downsizing (or anything else to do with the workforce) then get in touch – we work with some excellent Italian lawyers and we will be very happy to help you.