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The lengths (and heights!) aggrieved employees will go to…

The lengths (and heights!) aggrieved employees will go to…

Last month, a Tesco superstore in Reading was forced to close after an ex-security guard climbed into the roof of the store and refused to come down for more than 20 hours.

This was part of a seven-month-long protest against Tesco and the ex-security guard’s employer, Total Security Services (TSS), after Tesco accused him of stealing from the store and TSS subsequently fired him. It seems that the ex-security guard was looking for an apology from Tesco and TSS after long police investigations resulted in him being cleared of charges.

After removing the man from the roof of the store, Thames Valley Police announced that they had arrested a man on suspicion of Public Order Act offences. It’s always worth bearing in mind that aggrieved employees often want some recognition that something was handled badly and are not always solely focused on money (and that some employees will go to extreme lengths for that apology!).