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The monthly round up of the weird and wonderful employment law news

The monthly round up of the weird and wonderful employment law news

By Dónall Breen - 28 June 2018

Every month, we take a look at the weird and wonderful employment law news from around the world, with a tongue in cheek assessment of what has kept our fellow workplace lawyers busy

Can firing an employee be detrimental to your world cup chances? That is the struggle a Spanish lawyer had to grapple with when the national team decided to dump their man in charge two days before kick-off. Labour lawyers often deal with summary dismissals of untruthful employees. Typically this involves setting up a rival business or taking confidential information – or in this case, interviewing for another job behind your back. We usually suggest suspension before giving someone the red card, but the Spanish FA clearly didn’t need to consult VAR and sent him to the stands. The team, however, have avoided major embarrassment so far.

Unlike the young Irish police candidate who was suspended from training after it was found out he starred in an ‘adult movie’ in his pre-law enforcement days. Although few specific details have emerged about the incident, it was obviously considered no small matter by the authorities. However, could you really have expected this to have come up during the application process, perhaps under the work experience or hobbies section of the new joiner’s form? Most would be a little shy about this past behaviour.

Not at all shy about baring all are the Imperial College rugby team, who decided they had more to offer that just blood, toil, tears and sweat. The players have been suspended after posing naked in front of a statute of Winston Churchill. A big night out led to inhibitions and clothes being shed as they took part in an amateur nude photoshoot. What happens on tour, doesn’t always stay on tour!

But what about what happens in the surgery theatre? A Georgia surgeon has been suspended after being caught on camera dancing during a surgical procedure, popping moves to ‘Cut It’ by OT Genasis (no seriously, that isn’t a joke). The patient under the knife has now complained her buttocks reconstruction, which was being performed during the dance recital, went astray and now has a lopsided behind as a result. It is fair to say that doctor is in for a serious reprimand.

Just like the Japanese employee, whose actions caused his employer to hold a press conference to apologise for his behaviour. His crime? So grotesque we considered not publishing it, but here it goes – he regularly left three minutes early for his hour long allocated lunch break. Citing a ‘need for a change of pace’, the despicable man skipped out of the office early to beat the queues for lunch. He remains in employment but we suspect his chances of being a train driver in Japan are also up in smoke.

There you have it, everyone from misbehaving football managers to naughty Japanese businessmen can fall into an employment lawyer’s lap. This area of law can be strange, startling, but never ever boring. But alas I must now sign off, I am trying to get out of work three minutes early to catch the sunshine and live on the wild side! Enjoy the summer weather, from all of us here at GQ|Littler.