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Track and Trace in Europe : The GDPR Angle

Track and Trace in Europe : The GDPR Angle

Personnel Today - 6 August 2020

Improved track and trace coordination across Europe could enable employees to return to work safely, without entering a legal minefield suggests partner Raoul Parekh.

“The rules on whether employers can gather health data on employees vary wildly across Europe. Even though the Europe-wide GDPR governs the retention and use of that data, local approaches are far from harmonised.”

“Governments across Europe should work together – through the European Union or otherwise – to develop a more consistent and coordinated approach to the testing of employees and gathering of health data. A joined-up approach will give employers who do want to test employees more comfort and help them avoid bad practices.”

“Employees are increasingly aware of the rights they have under GDPR so employers will have to tread carefully and ensure any track and trace programme they introduce is fully compliant.”

"Rushing a programme into place without careful consideration would be a considerable legal risk.”

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