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We’re all [not] going on a summer holiday

We’re all [not] going on a summer holiday

By Kate Potts - 28 August 2020

The past six months or so of travel restrictions have really thrown a spanner in the works for holidays and travel plans (amongst many other things!). It has undoubtedly been an intense period of time, making it really important to take some form of break.

We thought we’d share with you what some of the GQ|Littler team have been getting up to this summer.

Sophie’s normal family summer holiday would consist of somewhere warm and child friendly in the Med, but Covid persuaded her family to staycation this year. She had a two-week staycation seeing all that Dorset, Suffolk and Norfolk have to offer with her husband and two young boys. She was lucky enough to time their first week in Dorset with the heat wave, so their days on the beach felt more like being in the Med! Sophie said that “it was great to see more of our home country and appreciate how much beautiful scenery we have on our doorstep, plus it was lovely to get out and about for some family time after spending months locked down in London.” Here is a photo of Sophie with her 5-year-old enjoying the spectacular New Forest Arboretum.


Dónall's summer was spent building bookcases, painting rooms and packing boxes. He said that he “thought lockdown was an ideal time to move house, which turned out to be not as fun as the movies would have you believe. There is nothing romantic about eating Chinese takeaway on the floor of an empty living room”. However, Dónall is now settled and looking forward to having a bit more room going forward. His trip of a lifetime to Kenya has been postponed, so next year he has big plans for a getaway. For now, it is working away with a (yet to be assembled) Ikea bed keeping him company in the background of his video calls.  


Mark’s summer holiday this year was meant to be a honeymoon in Mexico, following his wedding last October. That trip was obviously cancelled in mid-March, and Mark and his wife have instead only managed a night away in Margate all year. Mark said “no disrespect intended to Margate, but the margaritas just didn’t taste quite the same… We now have plans to visit Falmouth for our anniversary in October, assuming it is safe enough to do so. It’s about as close to Central America as we’re likely to get for quite some time!”


Elliott spent the day before his [REDACTED]th birthday down in Brighton, which was his first excursion out of the capital in over six months. He had envisaged a gloriously sunny day and had planned a socially distant catch up on Kemptown’s pebble beach front with old friends; but instead mother nature had other ideas and chose to bless the south coast with forty mile per hour wind gusts and not a single drop of sunshine. So he spent, at most, ten minutes on the beach, and the remainder of the daytrip sampling the alcohol free beer selection in a warm pub with a sea view.

Raoul finally escaped the four walls of home by going to unexpectedly sunny Pembrokeshire for a week. "The beaches and coastal walks were interrupted only by a telephone preliminary hearing at London Central Employment Tribunal – a side-benefit of current working from home arrangements since the hearing would normally have been held in person 250 miles away. Here’s a picture of someone excited to get to the beach.”

After two weeks of intense 35-degree heat, Lisa picked the stormiest weekend to attempt a weekend getaway to her boyfriend’s parents’ home near Lincoln. Lisa said “thirteen hours of this weekend were spent broken down, mostly by the side of the A1 during a thunder and lightning storm with torrential rain lashing at the car and passing lorries sending tidal waves of puddles over the top of the car. I thought travelling in the UK was meant to be easier than going abroad at the moment!?”


Instead of Deborah’s big trip to Japan, this year’s summer holiday took her to the Cotswolds (UK countryside) - and of course, it happened to be the rainiest week in August. Despite the muddy conditions, she persevered, and trudged through the muddy fields, with the reward (of course!) of a country pub at the end of the journey.

Austria…the hills are alive with the sound of music. Unfortunately not this year. Instead Ursula recharged in the Scottish Highlands. Deserted wild coastline, miles of sand and the black north sea, hairy cows, leaping salmon, jumping dolphins, lazy seals and a swarm of wee beasties…the midges and some delicious seafood, empty roads, long walks and gushing waterfalls, scenic lochs and hills and bens covered in purple heather. WOW! Summer 2020. Aye.

Finally, my wedding was postponed due to the restrictions in place, so in July on the would-be wedding date, my fiancé and I stayed in Marazion in Cornwall. It wasn’t quite the Masai Mara or the Seychelles (where the honeymoon was planned) but the weather was beautiful, and the sea wasn’t too cold! We had a lovely time and have vowed to return to Cornwall next year.

 We’d love to hear what you are getting up to this summer, so please do share with us any of your top travel tips!