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GQ|Littler is the leading employment law firm for employers in the UK and Ireland and we work globally as part of Littler, the world’s largest employment law firm with more than 1,800 lawyers practising across 30 countries in over 100 offices. We offer risk-based advice and litigation services on employment, immigration, employee tax and incentives issues and, where we don't have an office, we partner with leading local employment lawyers.  

  • Experience 
    Last year, our team assisted clients with their HR needs in over 70 different countries.
  • High quality 
    We work with market-leading international lawyers to deliver the best results.
  • Pragmatic 
    We tell you what you really need to know, without excessive detail.
  • One stop 
    Leave your international project to us – we will take care of it in whatever countries you need, including managing your budget for you. 

What makes us different:

  • We are part of the world’s largest specialist employment law firm
  • Extensive and regular international experience
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Single invoice for all territories

We also help overseas businesses that are making inward investments into the UK and Ireland. Our team have been involved in establishing offices of some of the world’s best known companies in the UK and Ireland.

Global Employment Offices

Global Reach

We're licensed to practice in over 30 countries, with offices across four continents. Click the map below for a full list of countries.

Our Team's Experience

Multi-country deals

  • Advising the joint administrators of Lehman Brothers across EMEA involving employment and insolvency laws of 35 countries.
  • The spin-out and separate initial public offering of Halyard Health from Kimberly-Clark in 13 countries.
  • An international outsourcing deal in relation to the provision of fund administration, middle office and banking services across several jurisdictions for a global investment bank.
  • Royal Bank of Scotland’s purchase of ABN AMRO and subsequent integration in 53 countries.


  • Implementation by a listed global technology company of a new global strategy, resulting in a series of overlapping redundancy exercises in multiple countries.
  • Advising on the HR aspects of global expat assignments between 35 different countries.
  • Advising a US client on the forced relocation of an Australian expat employee from the US and of a Dutch expat from Australia.
  • Advising a global technology company and their private equity owners on changes to sales compensation plans in 20 jurisdictions including risk analysis of forcing changes without consent.

International litigation

  • Advising on a multi-billion-pound UK/South African court dispute.
  • Managing 17 current litigation matters for a single client in the Middle East.
  • Litigating a team move in South Africa.
  • Advising a Fortune 500 senior executive subject to employer indemnity on his high profile move together with his long-term incentive plan forfeiture provisions and preparing for litigation in UK and US.
  • Advising on a large industrial dispute in the Middle East, including managing a team of local lawyers.


  • Advising a leading social network on setting up a UK office including creating standard form contracts of employment, secondment documentation, immigration issues, tax equalisation and equity incentive plans.
  • Advising a car club on its set up in the UK including creating standard form documentation.
  • Advising a US listed company on disciplinary action taken against the UK executive team following misreporting of results.
  • Acting as de facto UK HR director to a fashion brand’s UK operations.

What Others Say:

"GQ|Littler has continued to be an excellent partner & advisor to all things related to Epiq’s international footprint. Raoul Parekh and Ben Smith have continually evolved their service and support model to meet the challenges and needs of Epiq’s global locations, entities, and employees. The number of time zones covered by Littler’s associates in this program was amazing. Raoul, Ben, and their entire international team are exceptional partners to work with!" 

Matthew Cates, Vice President, Legal - Epiq Global

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