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Our Approach & Track Record

GQ|Littler is the leading employment law firm for employers in the UK and Ireland. We offer risk-based advice and litigation services on employment, immigration, employee tax and incentives issues. We work globally as part of Littler, the world’s largest employment law firm with more than 1,700 lawyers practising across 28 countries in over 100 offices.

What makes us different:

  • We aim to facilitate, not obstruct, the investigation
  • Partner-led service
  • Risk-based advice
  • Global employment boutique

Our team have been involved in the aftermath of some of the most high-profile corporate scandals of recent years. We have particular expertise in the financial services sector and have been involved in a variety of situations involving internal investigations and external regulatory agencies in the UK, Switzerland, the EU and the US.


There is often a tension between the need to cooperate with regulators and the rights of those implicated in the wrongdoing under investigation. We understand the importance of a prompt and candid response. We aim to give employment advice that facilitates rather than obstructs the investigation. 

We know matters move quickly and time can be short. We are highly responsive - we can clear conflicts in seconds, we carry extra capacity and our team are highly motivated. 

We are frequently called on to offer our expertise where the main legal advisors do not have the strength or depth of expertise which clients and their lead advisors require.

Our Team's Experience

HR investigations

We have substantial experience undertaking HR investigations on behalf of HR teams. There is usually a need for the investigation to be carried out by a separate firm to the firm that is advising the corporate upon the legal issue and we are often recommended by the corporate’s usual lawyers for this purpose.

Whilst corporates often use HR consultants for routine day-to-day investigations there is a great advantage to instructing solicitors to carry out investigations where the issues are sensitive or complex. Not only do we have greater expertise and resources but it is often possible for the investigation to be carried out in a legally privileged setting. We can carry out HR investigations into:

  • Allegations of bullying, harassment or discrimination.
  • Grievances by or against senior staff.
  • Disciplinary matters involving senior staff.
  • Whistleblowing disclosures involving HR matters.
  • Employee or union concerns that employers’ policies are discriminatory.
  • Other sensitive HR matters.

Corporate investigations

Where the investigation is into corporate conduct more widely, it will then be managed by specialist counsel. We have experience working as part of a multidisciplinary team and can assist lead counsel with the following:

  • Data privacy Risk based advice to facilitate prompt and proportionate data collections throughout the EU. Our team includes members of the Association of Privacy Professionals.
  • Employee discipline Advice on the appropriate response - be that dismissal following due process or a consensual exit.
  • Litigation Unlike many firms, we are as adept in the High Court as in employment tribunals. We have substantial expertise defending claims on a “point of principle basis”.
  • International We are international employment lawyers. Last year, we assisted clients in over 70 different countries and are adept at advising US based multinationals, and we work with our colleagues throughout Littler across the globe.


  • Advising an investment bank on the investigation into breaches of FCA regulations.
  • Advising on legal action against a professional services firm’s former employee whose fraud was uncovered after his employment had terminated.
  • Advising a large utility company in relation to a major investigation into an institutional fraud covering a number of years.
  • Advising a major investment bank in an investigation relating to an alleged fraud perpetrated by a city trader and his team in conjunction with the FCA and SFO.
  • Advising on an investigation into accounting irregularities in a FTSE 100 company in conjunction with the PRA and SFO.
  • Advising an NHS provider on the dismissal of a CEO who misreported CPIs and successfully defending his unfair dismissal claim.


  • Advising a global investment bank on an investigation concerning the LIBOR and FX scandals, including advice on EU data collections and transfer to regulatory agencies in the US.
  • Advising a subsidiary of a US-headquartered commodity brokerage in relation to data collection requests made by its US parent as part of FCPA investigation.
  • Advising on an investigation into fraud in the UK headquarters of a US insurance company and the appropriate disciplinary action against management.
  • Advising on an investigation into accounting fraud in the UK headquarters of a US high tech manufacturing company.
  • Advising an independent committee of directors of a major oil company into health and safety governance failures following a major disaster in the United States.

What Others Say:

“If you are looking for a firm that will reasonably look at both sides of a case and provide you with pragmatic advice & actions, GQ|Littler is the firm I would recommend!”

Nasima Begum, HR Manager - AccorInvest UK & Ireland

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