Redundancy Toolkit

Carrying out redundancies is unpleasant, document heavy and fraught with legal risk. We are here to help and can provide a quote within 24 hours.

Using technology to provide a complete
end-to-end solution



Where redundancies become unavoidable, we are here to help you complete the process lawfully, ethically and with minimum disruption to your business.

Not only do we advise on the law in the UK and around the globe, but we use award winning technology to prepare all the individual documentation that you require, providing you with a complete
end-to-end solution.

Making the complex simple

We will advise you on the best overall strategy for navigating the statutory framework with the minimum of fuss.

Where speed is an imperative, we can help reduce the overall project period whilst ensuring that no criminal liability is triggered for you or your board.

We break the process down into three simple stages and have a solution for each:


Putting together a robust plan at the outset is the best investment that you can make.
For a fixed fee we provide:

  • An initial kick off call with one of our restructuring experts
  • Customised executive timeline
  • An easy to follow “steps paper” to guide you through every step of the process
  • A full suite of the required documentation for you to individualise in-house
  • A “go live” call to discuss any questions and to finalise your customised plan


Advice on every step of the process. Our lawyers have advised on everything, from the most complex, global corporate restructures to a downsizing in a small close-knit team and everything in between.

We provide HR, legal and business teams with support with the following:

  • Preparing for group meetings
  • Addressing specific questions raised in the process
  • Dealing with problems or atypical cases
  • Support with developing your selection criteria
  • Automated production of individual documents

As the needs, risk profile and internal expertise of each client differs, it is not feasible to offer a fixed fee for the implementation phase. Instead we will suggest a matter budget and, if you purchase a block of time in advance, we will offer a significant discount on our usual hourly rates.

We can either provide you with the materials that you require for your HR team to populate and send out, or we are one of the few law firms that are able to provide a complete end-to-end solution. If you require document production:

  • We can provide personalised, ready to go versions of all materials 
  • You complete an Excel sheet and we do the rest – you just send the documents out 

For document automation we offer a fixed fee: this comprises a one-off project fee, and a fixed fee per employee.


Where employers offer enhanced redundancy payments, it is common to condition payments on signing a settlement agreement (waiver). Settlement agreements are not mandatory, and we will discuss the pros and cons of this approach with you during the Planning phase.

We can either provide you with a template to personalise or, a number of large clients have recently instructed us to:

  • Automate production of individual documents
  • Coordinate with employee advisors
  • Negotiate and project manage execution of the agreements
  • Execute a binding settlement agreement for each redundant employee using e-signing

For document automation we offer a fixed fee: this comprises a one-off project fee, and a fixed fee per employee.

Want to Know More?

If you would like to know more about our Redundancy Toolkit service, please contact us today for a no-obligation quote provided to you within 24 hours. Simply complete the form below and submit your details:

To help us provide your quote in a timely manner, please take a few moments to confirm the following details.

  • Likely number of employees impacted and their location
  • If you will offer enhanced redundancy payments and, if so, whether you want departing employees to sign settlement agreements
  • Whether you require documentation automation services or will produce individual versions “in house”
  • If you have any timing considerations

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